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  All HPLC's and GC's purchased from Magnafarm Certified equipment includes a 90 days warranty, we proudly stand by our service and reconditioned equipment we sell.

Magnafarm Certified equipment warrants that should a product purchased from us to meets its advertised specifications, within its stated warranty period, Magnafarm S.R.L. will either replace, repair or refund the product at our discretion. The above-mentioned warranty shall be the sole remedy of the purchaser with Magnafarm S.R.L and Magnafarm S.R.L. will not be responsible for any liability beyond the repair/replacement/refund options stated.
Magnafarm S.R.L. does not take responsibility for the suitability of the equipment to fit a particular application. The customer's configuration requirements are his/her responsibility. Magnafarm S.R.L. will attempt to assist the customer in product selection and configuration, but Magnafarm S.R.L. is not liable for improper product selection or configuration.

Magnafarm S.R.L. will act effectively to resolve any problem covered by this warranty. While there is no implied minimum response time, we will make our best effort to resolve all problems expeditiously. Magnafarm S.R.L. is in no way liable for consequential damages or lost income.

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